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Living Waters Lutheran College Halls Head Campus
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Living Waters Lutheran College Halls Head Campus

About Living Waters Lutheran College Halls Head


Deputy Principal and Principal Welcome      


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Welcome and thank you for taking an interest in Living Waters Lutheran College (LWLC) at Halls Head                                                

The Living Waters Halls Head Campus is nestled in the heart of Seascapes and surrounded by native bushland. 

We pride ourselves in being small in size and big in values. Our school offers a Christian education that strives for excellence and expresses its values in the Gospel message of love and salvation through Jesus. We have five core values we believe are important for students to learn, and which underpin the culture of our school.

These core values are: 

Living Waters is a school that:

Teachers, students and parents are part of a great and caring family. We are open, accepting and inclusive.                        

Our students embrace life and all people. I encourage you to come visit our School. I will be pleased to show you around personally.

Christian blessings,  Mr Patrick S Moore-Deputy Principal and Mrs Sue Sullivan-Principal

School Statement

Living Waters Lutheran College (LWLC), Halls Head is a school of the Lutheran Church of Australia. It provides a loving, caring Christian atmosphere with a focus on academic excellence. LWLC began at Halls Head in 2005 and has grown to a community of approx 150 students. Halls Head is a coastal suburb west of Mandurah and is situated about 75 kilometers from the Perth CBD. The school has a spacious and well-designed campus surrounded on two sides by native bushland.

The School enrolls students from 3 Year Old Kindergarten through to Year 6. Small class sizes provide for greater student/teacher interaction and guidance. Our staff are well-credentialed professionals who have a real passion for their vocation.

Our curriculum follows the Early Learning Years Framework, the National Curriculum and the Western Australian Curriculum Framework. These programs centre on teaching the whole child and striving for social, intellectual, emotional, physical, artistic and aesthetic development. Spiritual growth is fostered through Lutheran Education Australia (LEA) developed materials as well as daily devotional and weekly chapel times. LWLC operates under the banner of Lutheran Education Australia which has a long and proud tradition of education in this country.

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LWLC provides a well-rounded education, concentrating on fundamental academics and technological skills of the future. It has specialist subject areas such as Science and Japanese. The School offers a full music program, a choir, computer education, field trip opportunities, and a variety of sporting experiences.

LWLC Halls Head operates in partnership with LWLC Warnbro, a Primary to Year 12 school, under a single governing body. LWLC Warnbro offers Middle and Senior School opportunities for our students, via a bus service which runs daily from the Halls Head campus. We are proud to be an integral part of the Mandurah and Rockingham communities.


Lutheran schools have played a part in the history of education in this country since the first German settlers arrived in 1839. Even before the Australian government became formally involved in education, Lutheran communities established their own schools because they were concerned about the future of their children. Their intention was to adopt a holistic approach to education which took into account the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical growth of children. The importance of establishing Christ-centred communities that pursue excellence in education remains as a focus for all Lutheran schools today.

In 2001, Living Waters Lutheran College, Halls Head campus was opened. Currently, it provides 3 Year Old Kindy to Year 6 classes for students in the surrounding community. Middle School and Senior School is offered through the Living Waters, Warnbro campus which was established in 1998.

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