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Living Waters Lutheran College Halls Head Campus
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Living Waters Lutheran College Halls Head Campus

Information And Computing Technology

Innovation is an essential part of becoming a life-long learner and our one on one iPad program for all students in Year 4 to 6 enables us to equip our students with the right technological skills to be competent 21st century learners. The one to one program provides our students with the opportunities to create movies, assignments, projects, research databases, photo projects and have access to the best and most current education apps and much, much more.

Like every other part of Living Waters Lutheran College, educating the whole child (social, emotional, spiritual etc.) is central to the program.

Our students have been very much engaged and excited about using iPads in their classrooms. Reluctant learners have found iPads to be a wonderful platform to become more excited about their learning.

Our iPad program aims to move away from the way schools traditionally use computers for basic functioning (research and word processing) to providing students with access to cutting edge technology. We want to give our students a platform to develop higher level thinking skills to cope with the ever-changing world in which we live. Experts believe that students currently in Primary school will have six careers and fourteen jobs in their working lives. Educational experts believe that the most important way to prepare our Primary aged students for their futures in the workforce is to teach them the 3'Cs. Which are:

We believe our iPad program is the best platform to enable the learning of the 3'Cs to take place. We aim for the students to move from the majority use of consumable apps (skills and drills), into the majority use of productive apps (creation of new products) as they move up year levels in our school.

Our vision for an integrated iPad learning curriculum is: To strive to create a rich, innovative and digitally literate environment which helps to foster collaboration, creation and communication and a thirst for lifelong learning.’

This vision is supported by our comprehensive College ICT vision for learning which incorporates all information and computing technologies.


 Vision for ICT

The Australian Council for Educational Research defines ICT literacy "as the ability of individuals to use ICT appropriately to access, manage, integrate, and evaluate information, develop new understandings, and communicate with others in order to participate effectively in society."

While ICT literacy is just one of several literacies (e.g., reading and writing) integral to our students’ realisation of their God-given potential for a life of service, it is unique in its potential impact across nearly all literacies at Living Waters Lutheran College (LWLC).  This is a perspective that recognises the age in which we currently live and the future we foresee as expressed in the Preamble of the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians (MCEETYA, December 2008):

 “Rapid and continuing advances in information and communication technologies (ICT) are changing the ways people share, use, develop and process information and technology. In this digital age, young people need to be highly skilled in the use of ICT. While schools already employ these technologies in learning, there is a need to increase their effectiveness significantly over the next decade.”

As a result, LWLC affirms and aspires to achieve, in particular, one sub-point of Goal #2 of the MCEETYA’s Educational Goals for Young Australians that states that all students will be successful learners who “have the essential skills in literacy and numeracy and are creative and productive users of technology, especially ICT, as a foundation for success in all learning areas.”

Therefore, LWLC’s ICT Strategic Plan will be focussed on achieving the following School Goals. The administration, faculty and college community will endeavour to:

1. Establish a 21st Century learning culture in which students become creative, productive and reflective users of technology equipped for future learning and work in a digital, connected and changing world. 

2. Provide a safe ICT environment for students that adequately addresses the issues of cyber bullying and cyber safety, and prepares students to be confident and ethical users of ICT in school and beyond.

3. Develop a professional culture within the college that supports teachers in the attainment of the technical skills, pedagogical understandings and reflective practises necessary to effectively integrate ICT in all learning areas. 

4. Maintain well-resourced learning environments across the campus supported by an efficient, reliable infrastructure, and sustained by a plan for adequate on-going funding. 

5. Promote the use of ICT across the college in a way that improves the efficiency and quality of the administration of the college and models for the students the workplace of the future. 

These goals reflect LWLC’s support for the “Lifelong Qualities for Learners”, a vision that Lutheran Education Australia has for learners and learning in Lutheran schools.  This vision seeks to nurture students to contribute to communities by being:

The future holds many unknowns for both the staff and the students at LWLC as we move forward in a rapidly changing 21st Century world.  It is the collective prayer of this college community that we would adopt and act on wise planning, practise good stewardship of the resources God has provided, and trust the college motto “He Will Lead Us” (Revelation 7:17) as we pursue this bold vision for ICT use and student success.  “And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19