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Living Waters Lutheran College Halls Head Campus
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Living Waters Lutheran College Halls Head Campus

Primary Years

The range of subjects and experiences offered by the school are considerable. The programs are planned on an integrated basis across subject areas, often based on a theme. Although all courses have been developed for and by Living Waters, they are closely linked to the National Australian Curriculum or Western Australian curriculum.  Brief details of some of our subject areas are outlined here, but no attempt has been made to cover all subjects in full detail. Parents who require further information should obtain this from the College.


Considerable emphasis is placed upon communication and development of English from the earliest years and subsequently throughout the student’s school life at Living Waters. A comprehensive core program, involving speaking, listening, reading, writing and viewing has been developed and the progress of students is carefully measured. There is considerable scope for a variety of extension activities, often across subject areas.

Structures have been created to cope with all ability levels. The school follows a balanced approach to literacy which focuses on the development of the processes of writing and emphasises the value of correct spelling, word usage and grammar, and the link between reading and writing.   


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Reading Program

The Primary School provides a Reading program, which assists children who require additional development in this area.  This program involves a specialist teacher and volunteers from our community and is in place to help children who are in need of some confidence building and one-on-one support.

Living Waters Lutheran College is keen to nurture its community and an important part of this is the encouragement of parental involvement in many areas.


A fully sequential Mathematics program based on the National Australian Curriculum has been developed for all levels, from Kindergarten to Year 6. This program covers the core areas of Mathematics, Number and Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Measurement and Geometry, and provides ample opportunity for extension activities.             

Emphasis is placed on the deep understanding of mathematical concepts through the use of a wide range of practical materials, and the application of these concepts in problem solving, abstract tasks and real-life situations. Children are expected to develop good automatic response to number facts. They are encouraged to develop accuracy and to gradually increase their speed in all areas of work.

Christian Studies

Christian Studies is an essential part of the Christian education offered at the College.  Christian Studies is a core subject and as such is planned for, assessed and taught in the same way as other curriculum areas. There are four core units that are developed each year throughout the school; Christian Church, Christian Living, Christian Beliefs and Christianity in the World. In Christian Studies, students explore religious and non-religious perspectives in order to enrich their ability to make sense of the world in which we live.  Students do this through research, discussion, guest speakers, Bible reading, excursions, viewing and exploration. 

While faith responses or commitment to Christ are not an expectation of the Christian Studies curriculum, there are areas within the broader framework of Christian education where faith can be nurtured and expressed, such as Worship times and classroom devotion and prayer.

Humanities – History/Geography

History throughout the school is taught in line with the National Australian Curriculum.

This is a sequential program that:            

Development occurs through study and the use of concepts appropriate to the level concerned. The actual topics used are sometimes related to themes and are based on inquiry and co-operative learning skills. 


Sport is offered not just as an enjoyable activity but as part of the education of the whole person. Specialist PE lessons are designed to give each child the opportunity to develop skills in a variety of areas including play, games, dance, gymnastics, aquatics, sport, outdoor education and recreation. We aim to develop a positive attitude and appreciation of sport, physical activity and healthy lifestyle in each student while building up their self-esteem. Read More


Music provides a unique way of learning as well as challenging the creative abilities of each child. The students learn the concepts of instrumentation, lyrics or language, tempo, dynamics, melody and rhythm. We have a talented choir who regularly perform at school events as well as in public forums. Private instrumental tuition is also available to our students. Read More


Japanese is one of the specialist subjects at Living Waters. The students are involved in activities which promote listening, speaking, responding, viewing, reading and writing Japanese as well as gaining a respect and appreciation for another culture. Read More

Information and Computing Technology (ICT)

Our ICT program is designed to teach our students important ICT skills in a creative, engaging, challenging and safe environment. In 2016, we are undergoing an exciting and significant upgrade of our computer facilities which will enable our student’s access to cutting edge technology. Students in Years 4-6 have a one to one iPad program and a new IT lab with over 20 desktop computers and laptops available for class use. Read More